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{pretty, happy, funny, real} May 16, 2013

It’s been so long since I last participated! In the meantime I’ve had a breast cancer diagnosis, a mastectomy and reconstruction, and my beloved husband (who has Parkinson’s) has had to go into long-term care. After 48 years spent together, … Continue reading

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A Little Breathing Space

I have been touched by the kind messages I’ve received from readers, some of them wondering how Ricardo and I have been getting on.  Since I have a bit of mental clarity right now, I’ll just bring you up to … Continue reading

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Diagnosis: Breast Cancer

I have avoided updating for a long time because of great sadness over Ricardo’s Parkinson’s.  Back in December, we thought he would have to go into long-term care at the beginning of 2012.  And then, somehow his condition settled down and … Continue reading

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About ten days ago, Ricardo somehow came down with that very nasty cold that I’ve seen people mentioning for a couple of months now.  I say “somehow” because for years we have managed to avoid viruses, probably due to lots of … Continue reading

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Parkinson’s Takes a Deeper Bite

For the past few months, the way we live has been changing from day to day.  I can date it fairly closely–Ricardo was going through days of feeling weak in the beginning of April, and then when he had a fall … Continue reading

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{pretty happy funny real} April 28, 2011

This week has been full of ups and downs, but mostly downs, due to Ricardo’s increasing weakness.  For a long time I have refused to worry about what might be ahead for us, and rightly so, because I know for … Continue reading

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{pretty, happy, funny, real} April 21, 2011

This week I have just one photo to show.  It fits in the Real category.  My dear Ricardo, who has Parkinson’s, had a fall at the bottom of the down section of an escalator.  He fell on his right side, with … Continue reading

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7 Quick Takes – #11

  Must be quick and breezy today, as I need to pop out for groceries this afternoon.  And bake some bread.  And write a couple of other posts, come to think of it.  Here goes! One This post is guaranteed … Continue reading

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Seven Quick Takes #8

                                                                    1)  The happiest news of the day is that my husband, who has Parkinson’s Disease and has been very weak for the past little while, is definitely stronger and feeling better.  Thank you, Lord!  Such a blessing! 2)  … Continue reading

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One Thousand Gifts #3

Yesterday Ricardo and I celebrated our forty-sixth anniversary.  It sounds like a very long time, but it seems as though the years have flown by.  There have been difficult times, especially when the kids were small and money was tight, … Continue reading

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