{pretty, happy, funny, real} May 16, 2013

It’s been so long since I last participated! In the meantime I’ve had a breast cancer diagnosis, a mastectomy and reconstruction, and my beloved husband (who has Parkinson’s) has had to go into long-term care. After 48 years spent together, that’s been pretty hard for both of us to handle. Eventually, though, I’ve begun to see that I must – MUST – go on living as best I can the life God has given me. So this spring I treated myself to something

May2013 003
New sofa cushions!  I love the colours, and the sight of these lifts my spirit whenever I walk into the living room.  I’m lucky, because just about any colour looks good against the grey of the sofa. And here’s a closer look at those orchid metal balls I found to add to the collection in the bowl!  They sparkle most beautifully when the morning sun catches them.  That really tickles me.
May2013 004
I even have something happy to post about this time!  My daughter and I discovered a wonderful soda fountain that recently opened in a favourite neighborhood area.  They use as many locally made ingredients as possible, and the hot fudge sauce is even made at home by the owner’s wife!  Everything’s been carefully chosen to be the best they can find.  So far we’ve tried the egg creams and the sundaes, both delicious, and look forward to trying many of their other offerings.  It’s hard to find time when we both are free to make the trip to this area, so we’re not too too worried about the weight we will surely gain.  Besides, everyone needs a treat now and then, right?  So it should be a very good, very special treat.
May2013 002

That’s it for now.  Nice to be here again.  My thanks to Leila at Like Mother Like Daughter for hosting.

round button chicken
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3 Responses to {pretty, happy, funny, real} May 16, 2013

  1. Oh my goodness, my heart goes out to you and I will pray for you. You are exactly right to enjoy your treats – that grey sofa is so cool! When I was in high school, I worked at an old-fashioned place in a tiny town that and we still made egg creams and ice cream sodas and phosphates. So neat.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I LOVE your cushions! They are beautiful and cheery and color popping. They just make you HAPPY don’t they?!?!

  3. jaykaym says:

    Oh! I’ve not checked your blog in so very long because I didn’t want to be disappointed (and worried) to find that you hadn’t yet posted anything and now I find that you had a very busy May posting all sorts of important things. And now it is August and you’ve been gone again!

    I’m so glad that your treatment and recovery from breast cancer was not as awful as it might have been. The recovery, however, is really a lifetime as you will always feel a bit unsettled and vulnerable. And I am so sorry (yet glad) that you and Ricardo were able to make the decision that he needed long-term care. I know it must be very hard for both of you but at least you didn’t have to do it against his wishes. It is a gift that he has given to you to accept this new situation and your visits with him can be much more pleasant than when you are not exhausted from the caretaking duties. Eat lots of hot fudge sundaes. See if they will make you a milkshake using the hot fudge and vanilla ice cream. It is a real treat that most places don’t offer! and please post again soon. I worry.


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