{phfr} October 20

  • round button chicken

Well, finally I have some contenment around here that I can share.  In our current circumstances, that doesn’t happen every week.  So, here are some examples of happiness in my week.

Lately, when the sun comes up but before it shines into our bedroom, somehow the gold background on this lovely icon just glows.  I don’t know how it happens, but it delights my heart.  Incidentally, we were fortunate to purchase this icon from a local artist.  Isn’t it beautiful?


The fall colours on our Tiger Eyes sumac out on the balcony have been lovely to look at.

You may remember my mentioning our Vietnamese daughter.  She has been so kind during Ricardo’s illness this summer and fall, visiting, texting frequently, and even cooking for us.  She is a beautiful gift.

It feels good to share these bits of happiness with you.  Thanks go to Like Mother Like Daughter for the opportunity.

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2 Responses to {phfr} October 20

  1. Lisa G. says:

    Well, Judy – I’ve been wondering how you and Ricardo are doing – your beautiful daughter is a real blessing to you!

  2. Lisa G. says:

    Judy, something just made me go back to a post of yours from July, and I noticed you’d asked me a question, but I didn’t realize it! I’m very sorry!
    What I meant was (about a lot of help being out there) – I’m in Connecticut – a friend of mine had found out a couple of years ago, when his parents were getting a bit confused and needing more help than he could give (he was living with them, but working, of course), that the government will pay you quite a bit of money to pay for help to come in. The amount was several thousand per month! Ironically, his circumstance turned out tragically, because his siblings thwarted him, got the mother in a facility, the father had a fatal heart attack a few months later, and a brother of his ended up in the house. Their mother could have been at home, but they didn’t want it.

    It’s Title 19 I’m talking about. In Joseph’s case, he wasn’t concerned about the government ending up with the house, because most of his brothers and sisters owned their own homes already – he just wanted his folks to be able to grow old in their own home. Your situation may be different. Your local library may have info about elder care – and I’m sorry I didn’t realize you’d asked me a question.

    I suppose the people who advised you told you some of this? My cousin is with Visiting Nurses, and she said money is available every year – at the beginning of the year is the best time to apply for it.

    Sincerely, Lisa

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