Poetry Tuesday – TO SAINT LUKE

Back in 1993, I was teaching Church History to the grade elevens at a Catholic girls’ school, and in the early part of the course we studied The Acts of the Apostles, written by St. Luke.  I love that book of the Bible, and when I was asked to prepare the opening prayer for a meeting of the Religion Department on October 18, the feast of St. Luke, I wrote a few verses to use as the prayer.  I dug this out of my poetry folder to share with you today.

                             TO SAINT LUKE

Step by step with Paul through scorching dangerous landscapes
You bore witness to the resurrected Christ;
Gave us pictures of those early bands of Christians
As they prayed and preached and argued toward the Light.

Mary fed you, told you stories of His childhood,
Introduced you to the people He had known,
Found you witnesses, believers, He had healed them.
You recorded all the love that He had shown.

As the century runs forward to its ending
And we wrestle with the fears of our own time,
Ask the Spirit to electrify our teaching,
Make us lighthouses through which His light can shine.

Keep us close, Saint Luke, to that tremendous story
Which you told with clarity and constant love.
May our students catch the flashes of God’s glory,
Help us use your work to point to God above.

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