7 Quick Takes – July 22, 2011

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 135)


It’s been quite a while since I had much to share here, but today I actually do have a few bits to mention!  Thanks to Jen for hosting.


Last weekend was my 70th birthday.  It seemed like a rather significant marker to me.  Marker of what, I’m not quite sure, but something along the lines of “wow, I’m really  getting old!”  Our Vietnamese ‘daughter’ brought this lovely cake.




For my birthday, along with makeup, chocolate caramels (yum), and some other lovelies, I got an iPhone 4.  Great fun!  Texting is so much easier than with my old (very old) Nokia, and I’m having fun checking through lots of apps!  If you have any to recommend, particularly Catholic ones, please leave me a comment.


It’s only been a year since we had renovations done when we bought this condo, and so I was surprised when, about a month ago, the new kitchen cupboard doors began working loose.  We had kept the old cupboards, getting new doors made for them instead of replacing them.  You can imagine my surprise when a couple of the most frequently used doors began to wiggle and sag a little when opened or closed!  This had not been some kind of cheap fix!  When I finally got it into my head to examine the hinges, I saw that the screws fastening the hinges to the woodwork of the cupboards were working loose.  Then one of the doors actually fell onto the floor!  It was one of the bigger doors under the sink, and had been seemed a little loose, and I was just waiting for our son-in-law to come over and take a look (he’s a carpenter).  I was passing by the kitchen, heard a crash, and looked in to see the door on the floor!

Son-in-law Sean said he couldn’t believe the very little screws that had been used to install the doors, and he’s replacing them with 6 x 1 1/2 wood screws.  So far, seven doors have needed to be re-installed, and I can feel another one loosening.  I’m sure they’ll all need to be done.  Action Interior were the company who handled our reno, so anyone living in the Lower Mainland should watch out.  I’m just grateful for Sean and his help.


I have learned recently that lots of women burn themselves when using their straightening irons.  How have I happened to learn this?  Because I burned my forehead badly enough that I’m going around with a white pad and adhesive tape covering the place, and of course every woman I speak with asks what happened, and then tells me she’s done that too.  The good part is that I don’t have any feeling on that side of my face, so at least it doesn’t hurt.  Probably scarred for life, though.  Oh, that’s right, I’m 70 now, so it’s not like I’ll have too many years of regret!


I had to wear a cardigan when I went out today.  Our weather has been very skittish in July, not yet committing to the idea of summer.  We have yet to have an actual hot day.  I read about the heat that other parts of the continent are suffering and wonder if it will take till August for us to finally warm up here in the southeast corner of British Columbia.


Ricardo and I are long-time fans of the Tour de France, which is now in its final week.  All that beautiful scenery, chateaus, wonderful old churches large and small–France, especially as seen from the helicopter shots, is so beautiful!  But this year the race itself is particularly interesting, with lots of strategizing going on and two brothers from Luxembourg threatening a big win.  We’ve been having so much fun, recording the coverage and then being able to watch without commercial interruption.  Now the race is in the Alps, and the scenery is just gorgeous, but it all ends on Sunday in Paris.




The time has finally arrived when Ricardo can’t get around easily, even with the use of his cane.  We got the walker, above, which he can use around the apartment as well as outside.  He is happy with the stability it gives him and it is really a well-designed piece of equipment, excellent to have when needed.  The catch is, that we’re sad to have gotten to the point where it is needed.  Parkinson’s Disease just marches on.  We seem always to be learning to readjust–to increased weakness, worsening balance, too many things to list.  Good thing God keeps us in his hand.

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6 Responses to 7 Quick Takes – July 22, 2011

  1. Lisa G. says:

    Happy Birthday, Judy! That cake is fabulous!!

  2. Linda says:

    Happy birthday! What do you mean by “daughter?” Ha 🙂 Was intrigued.

  3. Maria N. says:

    popping over from jen’s place …

    we love watching the tour de france … and your straightening iron story is a riot:)

    • bookgetaway says:

      Such a great Tour this year! So much maneuvering amongst the leaders! And..glad you enjoyed the straightening iron story. 🙂

      • bookgetaway says:

        I say ‘daughter’ with the quotation marks b/c I know some people have legally adopted Vietnamese children, and I don’t want to give the wrong impression. She is a wonderful woman, just about the age of our blood daughter, who works at the pho restaurant we frequent. She has taken us on, really–she’s the one who has done the adopting. We enjoy having a close relationship with her.

  4. jaykaym says:

    Stop it, stop it, stop it. The straightening iron story was funny, and true (I did it to myself but it was my ear, not my forehead), until the last line. No woman of any age wants a scar, and at only 70 years old you have LOTS of years to regret the evil straightening iron as you cover the spot with make-up each morning.

    As far as apps are concerned – get ANGRY BIRDS. I usually hate games on computers, phones and TV’s, but Angry Birds is perfect for passing time in waiting rooms, alone in coffee shops and the like. And I’m able to hit the target enough that I don’t feel like a complete failure.

    And a belated Happy Birthday!

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