Challenge for 2011 – Six Months Report

It has taken me quite a while to make noticeable progress on this challenge to give patient service.  I think part of the reason was that I kept forgetting to ask for God’s help.  Eventually I tied a prayer for help to the beginning of my daily lectio divina, and my progress became more regular.  Also, some situations arose at home which were serious enough to demand patience from me, and from that point on, my patient service showed definite improvement.

I still have a long way to go, however, and need to strive for greater humility in order to move forward.  I also want to work more on extending patient service to others outside the home.  I thank God for his help, and I pray for the progress of those friends who have also taken up this challenge.

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2 Responses to Challenge for 2011 – Six Months Report

  1. Lisa G. says:

    It’s funny that we don’t think to ask God for these things. But things are so much better when we do!

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