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Poetry Friday – The Rockettes by Deborah Digges

I can’t let another Friday pass by without posting a poem, so here you go! THE ROCKETTES My mother danced with the Rockettes one spring just to earn, she said, a little extra money after her daytime job nursing the … Continue reading

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Poetry Friday – Sad Stories Told in Bars – William Matthews

                                        Poetry Friday again.  This time I have for you a short rhyming poem that is masterful in rhythm and sound, yet seems light and playful.  Playful, that is, until the last line, when Matthews brings us up short.  Ver-ry … Continue reading

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Challenge for 2011 – Six Months Report

It has taken me quite a while to make noticeable progress on this challenge to give patient service.  I think part of the reason was that I kept forgetting to ask for God’s help.  Eventually I tied a prayer for help to the beginning … Continue reading

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ALDERS by Amy Clampitt – Poetry Friday

                                                          Trying to find something from the past…this poem brings truth and strength to the task.  “Nothing’s / the way it was.”  “There are no promises,/…terse, tough, bleak, true…”  Should we even try to go there?  What will we find … Continue reading

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{pretty, happy, funny, real} June 2, 2011

              I’m glad to participate in this round-up today.  I’ve been away from blogging for a while, not even opening up this site for days on end.  Things have seemed rather bleak around here, but this weekly event, with … Continue reading

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Back Again

Poor blog!  I have not updated in a long time, I know.  For quite a while now, we’ve been lurching from crisis to crisis, just keeping our heads above water.  Mini-crises, I should be sure to say, of the medical variety, and … Continue reading

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