Poetry Friday – Spirit – Leonard Nathan


Today I present for you a fascinating poem by Leonard Nathan, looking back at an incident from the past, gaining a new understanding.  I would be interested to hear your reactions, your interpretations, so if you can spare a few moments, I would appreciate your using the comment box.


I’m thinking now of something
sighted once, maybe,
on the gleaming floor
of January: a small creature
wary under fir branches,
every breath pulsing
its whole body like a shudder,
its purpose so plain and mysterious
you could stare all these years
and see only how suspect
was your first and surprised view
of the thing (whatever it is)
as a sorry sight, because
surely it filled its moment
as warmth fills anything
that wholly contains it, as joy
flutters unreasonably
in the same brutal cage
where the heart beats
merely to keep time.
            —-Leonard Nathan

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