{pretty, happy, funny, real} April 21, 2011

This week I have just one photo to show.  It fits in the Real category.  My dear Ricardo, who has Parkinson’s, had a fall at the bottom of the down section of an escalator.  He fell on his right side, with his head and hand still on the collapsing steps.  This is his hand after the dressing was removed.

We were very fortunate, though, that Ricardo’s guardian angel was in action, because a kind man came over right away and lifted Ricardo upright, something I could not have done by myself.

He is now nearly recovered from the accident and would be mortified to know that I am posting this photo.  But I still have an awful image in my head of seeing him collapsed on the escalator.  For me, his suffering is part of Holy Week.

                                                 round button chicken

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18 Responses to {pretty, happy, funny, real} April 21, 2011

  1. Betty says:

    God bless Ricardo and all the suffering elderly! It is a share in the cross~thank you for posting.

  2. nancy says:

    Excellent photo to remind us of suffering as we enter into Good Friday.

  3. Holly says:

    Praying for fast healing!

  4. Betsy M says:

    I am sorry. How wonderful though that someone was there to help. My Dad suffers from a nurological disorder very similar to Parkinson’s. He has also had a very bad week. It is easier when you know you can offer your sufferings up to God. I hope his hand heals quickly.

  5. Mrs. Fordyce says:

    Your words and the accompanying picture are very moving. I will pray for both you and your husband. Wishing you a blesses Holy Week!

  6. Lisa G. says:

    I’m awfully sorry about Ricardo’s accident – you are right about his suffering being part of Holy Week – the whole value of Lent is in the suffering.

    “For I know that my Redeemer liveth, and in the last day I shall rise out of the earth. And I shall be clothed again in my own skin…” from Job 19

  7. Mary says:

    Oh my gracious!! I pray Ricardo’s hand heals quickly and you are both able to enjoy this beautiful weekend. Blessings and Grace to you both!

  8. Rhonda (aka Miz Hatbox) says:

    Oh how scary that must have been for you! I’m glad he’s okay.

  9. God bless you both. My great uncle has Parkinson’s, and he’s taken a nasty fall or two in recent times. It’s worrisome enough for me, so I don’t know how my great aunt deals with it. I think I agree with Betty that old age is a share in the cross, and I pray you find peace and blessing in it. And I’m glad your husband is okay.

    • bookgetaway says:

      Parkinson’s Disease is a great mystery, as it manifests differently in every person. I’m sorry to hear about the falls your great-uncle has had. Thank you for your prayers–let me assure you they are much appreciated!

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