Poetry Friday – Belongings by Michael Longley

Celebrating National Poetry Month.  Here’s a little reflection for today.

Because you will suffer soon and die, your choices
Are neither right nor wrong: a spoon will feed you,
A flannel keep you clean, a toothbrush bring you back
To your bathroom’s view of chimney pots and gardens.
With so little time for inventory or leave-taking,
You are packing now for the rest of your life
Photographs, medicines, a change of underwear, a book,
A candlestick, a leaf, sardines, needle and thread.
These are your heirlooms, perishables, worldly goods.
What you bring is the same as what you leave behind,
Your last belonging a list of your belongings.
                                                —-Michael Longley

michael longley poet
                                                           Michael Longley (from The Guardian)
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3 Responses to Poetry Friday – Belongings by Michael Longley

  1. Joyce says:

    The poem is beautifully written and very humbling. I’m glad I dropped by for your poem because I discovered your previous poem post, “Jerome.” I love it! Partly because I admire Durer and also because I try my hand at Ekphrastic poetry sometimes. I do not know Stephen Mitchell. Now I do!

    • bookgetaway says:

      So glad you commented! I too love the “Jerome” very much. And I had checked out your blog earlier and really enjoyed it. I love Basho. Thanks so much for coming by–do stop in again!

  2. Peotry friday! Every friday? If you have poetry post every friday you’ll have me here reading it! Especially if it is Michael Longley like this one is, he is by far my favourite poet!

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