Quick Takes #12

As always, thanks to Jen Fulwiler for hosting this week’s get-together! 

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 122)

  1. Dear readers, I was left to find answers to my own questions last week, so let me catch you up!  Watch The Borgias?  We tried, but were not impressed.  Erased it after about ten minutes.  How to get out of a garden centre without buying a little herb start?  Become confused over the five different kinds of sage and be unable to make a decision.  Why do Conan Doyle and his Sherlock Holmes stories make such good bedtime reading?  I had to think about this one for a while, but what finally came through to me was that I know for sure Sherlock will solve the case, no little children will be abused, the ending will not be nasty.   I can count on everything being wrapped up tidily, not like many current books which should not be read at bedtime!  About buying a new pot?  Haven’t solved that one yet–I’m still open to suggestions.

2.   Back to the garden centre for a moment.  I have a small balcony off our bedroom that faces northeast, and I’m planning on buying a clematis, or maybe two, to put against the wall.  I’m hoping son-in-law Sean will make a wooden trellis to be nailed to the box I’ll put them in, and I’m enjoying the thought of waking every morning and seeing the lovely blooms outside the balcony door.  Sometimes the anticipation is more enjoyable than the reality!  Surely that won’t happen to me.

I think that’s for this week.  Must go to prepare sourdough pancakes for Friday lunch – the mixture needs to sit overnight to get the right degree of sourness.  Ricardo loves these pancakes, and he’s looking forward to them.  Bye for now.

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