April – The Challenge So Far


         Beham, (Hans) Sebald (1500-1550): Pacientia - ...

In January I challenged myself to learn to give patient service to others, and I planned to report weekly on my progress.  Considering how slowly I have gotten results, weekly turned out to be too often for reporting.  I have decided instead to report monthly.

In March, I made some small progress in learning to allow more time to help Ricardo get ready for the day.  Especially when we have an appointment (of whatever kind) coming up, it is easy for me to become irritable with his slowness, both in speech and in movement.  If I make myself get started nice and early, and plan some quick chores which I can accomplish while waiting for him, I’m able to be more patient with him.  Also, I have continued the practice of making a small cross on my palm to remind me of Jesus when my patience is being tried in any circumstance.

I also undertook some projects of service for other people.  Unfortunately, I have not done better in praying for God’s assistance in this challenge.  I will commit to linking such a prayer to the end of my lectio divina time.

Some blogging friends have decided to take this challenge along with me, and I ask for your prayers for them as well as for me.   If you would be interested to take this challenge, please leave a comment, and we can encourage each other in our efforts.  Thank you.

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