Poetry Friday: Almost Spring 2


Hooray for Poetry Friday!  It’s still not quite spring around here, but I’m presenting you with a wonderful old favourite of mine that is definitely spring-y.
When I was teaching, we used to enjoy this in my Grade Nine English class.

                 by James Schuyler

quilts the pond and
out from under its plumped-upness
a snapping turtle
pokes its head and
munches a morsel of water lily leaf.
The sky
falls down in bits and pieces.
Does the face
of the pond
show the level of the water table?
Mebbe yes,
mebbe no.
A girl,
an ironwood tree
stands there
so young, so sinewy and slim.
as though soft-water rinses were
all it ever wanted.
A branch
heavily shifts
its leaves.
a frog?–
goes plop.
The rough-cut grass,
stuck randomly
with flowers,
accepts the world’s shampoo.

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2 Responses to Poetry Friday: Almost Spring 2

  1. I like this. Thanks for sharing.

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