Seven Quick Takes #8


                                    7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 118)

1)  The happiest news of the day is that my husband, who has Parkinson’s Disease and has been very weak for the past little while, is definitely stronger and feeling better.  Thank you, Lord!  Such a blessing!

2)  In last week’s Quick Takes, I was sure that we had seen the last of the snow.  Wrong!  We’ve had another snowfall, with more predicted for this weekend.  The snowfall this week was the most beautiful I have seen in all my sixty-nine years.  I would love to know what meteorological conditions produced it.  The snow fell slowly, swirling gently, with crystals joined together in such large clumps it seemed like large white peony petals drifting down.  This went on for at least an hour, then changed into an ordinary, rather sleety, snowfall.  I could start breathing normally again.  I had been in a very special fairy tale.

3)  Hot news from the neuroscientists at the University of Cambridge:  sheep are not stupid!  They have found that sheep have the brainpower to equal rodents, monkeys, and, in some tests, even humans.  They seem to be able to recognize people and even respond when you call their names.  Guess the Lord knew what he was talking about when he said that he knew his sheep and they knew him!  Good thing the scientists are catching up.

4)  One of the main reasons I’m on Facebook is to play Lexulous (the not-Scrabble game) with friends.  I find it relaxing and check in on games several times a day.  Starting a new game yesterday, I got a horizontal bingo (word of 7 or more letters), and on the next move, my opponent got a vertical bingo.  Utopian and friction were the words.  Neither of us had ever seen that happen before, two bingos on the first two moves.  See how easily amused I am?

5)  My experiments with sourdough continue.  Right now I have a sponge from overnight that has been working, and I’ll use it to make sourdough pancakes for lunch.  Wish me luck!  My last sourdough pancakes were flat and kind of stiff.  But I hadn’t let the dough work overnight, so……..

6)  With Lent coming, I’m thinking of cutting out my midnight snack of a cup of milk and a few graham crackers.  It doesn’t sound like a big sacrifice, but I really do look forward to that little treat before I get ready for bed.  Ricardo goes to bed an hour before I do, and sitting down with a book and the snack at the end of the hour has been something special just for me.  But I think that’s going to be my sacrifice.

7)  I had an invitation yesterday to make something very special for our parish.  I can’t talk about it yet, but I’m excited!  Please say a prayer for me.

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