Challenge to Service, Weeks 6 and 7

I’ve fallen behind a little in posting on my challenge, but I definitely have not given up!  Life got very busy for a while, that’s all.

In the last couple of weeks I have been much better in giving patient service, but not due to hard work on my part!  Rather, my husband has been in a much-weakened state and my heart goes out to him.  As I see him moving and speaking with little energy and much effort, I’ve been moved to do more without irritation.  He never complains, only keeps his focus on one day at a time, with great patience.  I just haven’t been tempted to be my usual critical, impatient self.

Here is a good tip I can pass on to those Christians working on serving with patience.  It was mentioned by the priest hearing my last confession.  When you find yourself being tried, use your finger to inscribe a  small cross on the palm of your other hand.  It’s quick and easy to keep hidden, while reminding you of whom you are serving.  I have found it very useful.

To finish up, I have managed to give service to others by listening to troubles, looking out for items that will appeal to certain people, and passing on requested information.

I ask the Lord to bless us in our efforts and send the Holy Spirit to enlighten us in our quest to serve.

If you are interested in working on giving patient service to others, please leave a comment and join us in our challenge for 2011.  Thank you for reading.

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