Seven Quick Takes #7


                                7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 117)

1)  Yesterday we had snow.  Often here, even in our northern maritime climate, we have a late snowfall in February.  Our family takes particular note of that, since Sarah’s birthday is February 11, and many are the times when snow has fallen on her birthday.  Anyway, I figure that now we have had our February snowfall, and it’s time for Spring to kick in.  Bring it on!

2)  Today I woke up to brilliant sunshine flooding our bedroom.  (Yes, I slept a little late.  No appointments today.)  This is the view from our bedroom balcony; click to enlarge so you can see some of my lovely snowy mountains.  The ones on the right, Ricardo tells me, are in the Golden Ears area.

3)  My second try at the sourdough starter has been working for us, and today it’s going to produce a loaf of sourdough rye bread for Sarah and Sean. 

4)  The visit from old friends that I was so stressed about last week went very smoothly.  I was lucky to have had a commenter who said just the right things to calm me, and I decided to put my emphasis on being as hospitable as possible.  My mood turned around as a result of this, and I was able to enjoy their company and invite them to return soon.  Thank you to openthoseojos!

5)  Our long-awaited Catholic Book Club celebration was on the evening of that same day, and we were blessed with a tasty dinner and a stirring dramatic reading of A Man For All Seasons.  I was very impressed by the energy and thought that members had put into their characterizations, and we had lots of enthusiasm for a discussion of the play afterwards.  Here is our group photo, with me on the left, only missing one of our priests who was taking the pictures:

6)  After all my cleaning, fussing and prep for the book club, I was zonked for the next few days,  snoozing, reading, and just taking care of essentials for Ricardo and me.  I felt very much sustained, though, with thanksgiving for the excellent outcomes.

7)  Now is my time to get busy with some serious garden planning!  We have three balconies in this apartment, and I have to figure out sun and shade areas, what I would like to have, and what I can afford.  I made a start last fall on the balcony visible from the living room, and I told myself that I would be content to let the garden expand slowly. 

 Now I have to get my enthusiasm under control.  Next thing up, I think, should be a nice trellis and a clematis for the bedroom balcony, which faces mostly east.  I’m torn over whether to include some hanging baskets of fuchsias there too.  They would be lovely to see when I wake in the morning, but I would have to be very diligent about watering.  Hmmmmm.

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