Seven Quick Takes #5

                                                              7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 114)

Thanks to Jen at Conversion Diary for enabling these Friday get-togethers.  A special welcome to any visitors who have come from there!                                

To be deep in history1)  My interest was piqued earlier in the week when, at Fr. Zuhlsdorf’s WDTPRS site,  (that’s What Does The Prayer Really Say, for those of you who have not yet discovered Fr. Z),I noticed this phrase attributed to  Bl. John Henry Newman: “To be deep in history is to cease to be a Protestant”.  It makes so much sense, especially considering that it was Newman’s study of the Church Fathers that convinced him that he was in the wrong church.  Anyway, I’m now using it as a caption under the icon of Newman to the right on this page.

2) I’ve been horrified recently by the continuing weather miseries in Queensland, and even the heavy snowfalls in the south and eastern US and Canada.  So much for people to put up with! Here in BC, we’re enjoying pretty normal weather, and I devoutly hope it will stay that way.

3)  Out for a brunch with retired colleagues on Tuesday, I ordered an apricot scone, and was treated to a delicious creation.  It was shaped like a star and had glorious big sugar crystals sprinkled over the top.  It came with Devon cream and homemade raspberry jam.  I managed to finish the whole thing.  Kudos to The Secret Garden.

4)  Wah!  My sourdough starter went moldy!  Sometime before Christmas, I received my two free dehydrated sourdough starters from New York Bakers (contact them if you would like some starter).  At the time, I was so busy making cookies and doing Christmas prep that I put the starters away for later.  Checking through my to-do folder, I found them waiting, and used the New York Bakers sheet of directions to, as they call it, “wake up” my starter.  All went well for the first, oh, 18 hours,  but then mold started to appear, and that was it.  So I emailed them, got a bit of reassurance, and now have my second starter going.  I have high hopes this time, and I have earmarked my bread book in the section of sourdough recipes for the bread machine.  Go, little starter, go!


5)  January was my third month of recording every expenditure we made, every single day.  Now I know with confidence just what our financial situation is at all times.  Do you detect a virtuous-seeming tone there?  It does make me feel pretty competent.

6)  Does anyone have a good suggestion how to clean the floor behind the toilet, other than down on hands and knees?  I used to have cleaning ladies come in, so for  many years now I’ve not had to deal with this area.  Now I’m doing all my own cleaning (except the bathtub, which our daughter kindly cleans for me), and my Swiffer mop won’t fit behind the toilet.  I get dizzy if I have to stay bent over for more than a few seconds.  I’ll be grateful for any suggestions.

7)  I’m not a fan of football.  Enjoy the Super Bowl, just don’t assume that everyone in the world adores it the way you do.  Enough said.

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