One Thousand Gifts #4


In the week just past, I found myself prone to anxieties about how several projects would work out.  I fussed and fumed as though success depended solely on me.  Occasionally, I remembered that there was Someone on whom I could depend, but then my vision would falter and I dropped back into my Martha role.  As the Mary in me could have predicted, though, all turned out well, and I was gifted in a thousand ways. 

These are gifts 25  – 30.

  • our biggest pot being just – big – enough for the chili for the potluck
  • the wonderful relief of the scripts arriving in time to be distributed for our upcoming dramatic reading
  • the unexpected delight of spring bulbs pushing up in a forgotten pot on the deck
  •  receiving our Lord in Holy Communion at Sunday Mass – He is unbelievably generous to come to us
  • a phone call from a dear friend that cheered me beyond measure
  • the yellow kalanchoe providing a small glow in a dark January hall


For these and all your other gifts,  O Lord, make me truly grateful.

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