Seven Quick Takes – #3 Plus Challenge to Service Week 2

How quickly the week rolls around!  Here we all are, comparing notes again!  Thank you, Jen!

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 112)

  1. I am so pleased to hear of the upcoming beatification of John Paul II!  He was a truly holy man, and I think it will be good to have attention drawn to him worldwide as this event proceeds.  I was saddened, though, to see the many comments in various places from Catholics who felt dubious, if not outright negative, about him being declared blessed.  People seem to be blaming him for falling numbers in the Church, child sex abuse cases, liturgical abuses, and other things that, it seems to me, were in process (at least in North America, the only place I can speak about) before he became pope.  These abuses and trends accumulate over decades and reflect society in general as much as church governance, it seems to me.  I suspect we will be hearing more protests shortly.

2.  Last week I was asking for some suggestions for a main dish for a potluck dinner.  None of you felt inspired to give me a suggestion, so I buckled down to it and unearthed an old favourite recipe for chili and made an enormous pot of it, enough for about 15 servings.  It’s got lots of vegetables, is made with lean ground beef, and is really tasty and good for the whole family.  Check out my What I’m Cooking page for the recipe (I doubled it for the potluck).

3.  When we were shopping for a condo last year, one of the two things Ricardo insisted on (the other thing was a dishwasher) was an in-suite laundry.  I hadn’t been particular about it, feeling that I could manage with laundry machines in the basement of the building, but I wanted to honour his requirements.  As so often happens, boy, was he right!  One of the things I appreciate very much about our new place is the laundry room, right off the hall by the master bedroom.  At our old house, the laundry had to be lugged down two flights of stairs to the machines in the basement, and then of course lugged back up!  Now it’s just so easy to put the dirty clothes directly into plastic bins in the laundry room, no transfer required; and the clean clothes go directly into the bedroom next door.  It couldn’t be easier, and Ricardo’s good sense proves itself once again.

4.  My challenge to myself to give patient service in  2010 is coming along very slowly.  I’ve written a letter to an aged aunt, provided extensive hygiene assistance, and improved a bit on doing things promptly when requested.  I’m still apt to lose patience if I am surprised by a request, and to show impatience with body language even if I manage to keep my mouth shut.  However, I tell myself it’s early days yet, and old habits take time to change.  I’m keeping on.  I still need to pray for assistance more frequently.

5.  A little pot out on the balcony is showing green tips of bulbs pushing up.  I remember that it had a hyacinth and a small daffodil, but I can’t remember what else.  I’m excited that it overwintered.  Early touch of spring!

6.  I’ve almost finished reading Blessed John Henry Newman’s Apologia Pro Vita Sua on my Kobo.  He writes so clearly, with kindness toward all.   How rare it is for a brilliant intellectual to also be so simple and humble!  I can’t say enough about my beloved patron!

7.  Finally, many thanks to Jen at Conversion Diary for bringing us together week after week.

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6 Responses to Seven Quick Takes – #3 Plus Challenge to Service Week 2

  1. Martianne says:

    What a wonderful habit you are developing. My aim in 2011 is JOY! So elusive when caught up in day-to-day stuff, but so abundant when taking a moment to pause throughout each day!

  2. ehillgrove says:

    On #1 – I was excited about this too, of course! But then I saw the newsreels on it. They did a beautiful job… and then they went negative. The sex abuse cases happened, and it’s tragic, but it was not JPII abusing these children. He did so much good and of course our secular society chooses to spotlight on the bad that happened. We can’t ignore the bad, that’s for sure, but it would be nice for people to acknowledge the good. We shan’t be put under a bushel, though! We’re a city on a hill!

  3. Maia says:

    #1 — This has just broken my heart. But truth and good will prevail.
    #4 — What a truly wonderful thing to focus on!

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