Seven Quick Takes #2


                                     7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 112)


On Tuesday night/Wednesday we had snow here.  The weather people made rather a big deal of it, since we’d been hovering around the freezing mark for a while and it was expected the streets would be icy.  We weren’t worried, tucked up in our snug little condo with underground parking, and just enjoyed the beauty of the snow.  After that, though, a very West Coast thing happened:  the temperature increased, rain moved in, and the snow was no longer a problem.  Now we have rain predicted, on and off, over the next week, with the temps relatively mild.  Right now, that’s my kind of winter.


Our Catholic book club will be doing a reading of the play “A Man For All Seasons” in February, to celebrate our second anniversary, and a week before Christmas I ordered scripts for our members from Samuel French.  There were some errors made in processing the order (they finally got around to it after New Year’s), and I haven’t got them yet.  I’m starting to worry.  I want to have them in enough time so people can prepare for their roles.  I think I’m going to have to contact the company and check on the order.  Fuss fuss fuss.


When I turned 65, I decided that I would follow the example of several older women I had known and start getting my hair done weekly.  I’ve never been good at doing my own hair, and I can’t express to you what a relief it has been not to have to worry about it.  I found a good little salon close by, worked with one of the stylists to get the look I wanted, and it has improved my life immensely.  An interesting side benefit:  the stylist speaks very little English, so we do not chat, and I try to spend the time mostly in prayer and meditation.


I ran across a small box I hadn’t unpacked when we moved last spring.  When I opened it, I found it contained a few pairs of black pantyhose and some white cotton gloves I always used in putting the pantyhose on, to avoid snags.  I’m asking myself if I will ever wear pantyhose again.  The last time I did was when we dressed formally on a cruise.  Nowadays I avoid high heels, as I’m a bit tottery in them, and the only dresses I have are summer ones.  Dressy slacks are as fancy as I get.  And yet I’m reluctant to get rid of those still-usable pantyhose.  Tell me it is time to let go!


I gave up caffeine a couple of decades ago when my doctor said my blood pressure was borderline high, and advised me to avoid it.  I’ve been drinking herbal or decaffeinated teas, and when I’ve had coffee, it too has been decaffeinated.  But over Christmas, I’ve fallen off the wagon.

Our favourite lunch restaurant is a small Vietnamese pho place, and we’ve been going there long enough that the staff treat us like family.  Have you ever had Vietnamese coffee?  It’s made with a dark French roast, and is brewed in a little individual drip contraption right over the cup.  And the cup has sweetened evaporated milk in the bottom.  Pretty close to taste perfection.  We usually enjoyed a cup after lunch, sharing just the one cup between the two of us.

Well, this year our Christmas present from the staff consisted of several pounds of Vietnamese coffee, four cans of Vietnamese sweetened evaporated milk, and 2 of the little drip thingies.  And it’s been irresistible.  We still don’t go over one cup, shared, a day, but I notice that I’m really looking forward to that cup every day.  And I don’t want to stop.  How much harm can that half-a-cup do?


A potluck dinner is being proposed to honor one of our RCIA team members.  I can’t think of a good main dish to to prepare, something for six to eight people, not too complicated.  Any suggestions?  I’d be grateful to hear about dishes that have been successful for you.


Several people treated us to chocolates over Christmas and we really enjoyed them.  We don’t have them at all the rest of the year, so we delighted in the treat.  And it’s been hard to come down afterward.  Just tonight, we were watching a period piece on public television, and in it people were waiting for a crucial phone call, staring at the phone, a lovely elaborate white telephone.  And as the camera focused on it, I found myself seeing it as white chocolate, creamy and sweet.  Sigh.






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One Response to Seven Quick Takes #2

  1. Kathleen says:

    I’m only 37, but I don’t do well doing my hair! How fun to get it done weekly – maybe something in my future after the kids are raised. 🙂 And that is nice to have a stylist who doesn’t talk to you; I always feel obligated to carry on a conversation.

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