Our Catholic Book Club And Me

Our monthly book club meeting occurred on Monday night, and I have been enjoying the benefits of it yesterday and today, with lots to think about.  For me, few things are better than being able to talk about books with others who have similar interests–aside from doing the actual reading.  I’ve always been a lover of books, and here I offer proof!

The lover of fine reading

I don’t soak my feet while reading any more, though maybe I should give it a try!

The St. Jude’s Catholic Book Club grew out of a committee on Adult Faith Formation.  When I tried to think of a realistic contribution I could make, it seemed to me that there was a wonderful deposit of classic Catholic literature that could be helpful in faith formation.  Lives are so busy that reading gets pushed to the side, but perhaps if we could encourage people with the structure of a book club, some might be willing to take it up.  So we began a parish book club, and next month we will celebrate our second anniversary!

Our aims were to catechise adults through reading Catholic literature; to appeal to a wide variety of readers by encouraging reading books of biography, history, autobiography, fiction, and spirituality; and to encourage faith-sharing through discussion.  We also wanted to help members to develop libraries of good Catholic books.

A great benefit for me has been reading things I never would have picked up except for the book club, such as Shusaku Endo and the letters of Mother Teresa.  I know I have put more effort and thought into what I’ve read, too, realising that I would be discussing it with knowledgeable people.  And I have met very interesting people, which is a huge benefit as well.

Wanting to be of service to the club, I started a blog for it, with our pastor’s help, and then, finding  Wordpress to be a good site, I started this blog.  Therefore I can claim that Learning to Let Go is an outcome of the book club as well.  A win/win situation!

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