Challenge to Service, Week 1

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I promised myself I would check in once a week to report on what I had done in terms of giving patient service to others, and this is my first check-in.  I won’t mention things I do easily, but only those which cost me something in humility. 

Since this is an area on which I need to work, I suppose I should not be surprised that I didn’t make a lot of progress this first week.  Patience is a real stumbling block for me in certain situations, and although I managed to hold my tongue a few times, I’m sure I showed my impatience in body language.  And right away it occurs to me that I did not make it a consistent focus of prayer.  Well, I will have to fix that.  If I don’t ask God for his help every day, then I’m trying to give service all on my own, and I can see how that worked out!  Not at all well!

Anyway, these are the ways I gave patient service to others this week:

  • rosaries prayed for people not on my usual list
  • made supper a couple of times when I really didn’t want to
  • got up at 5 a.m. to fix an online order for other people
  • lunch fixed as soon as I was asked for it

So that’s my start.  I thank God for what I managed to do, and I ask for his help as I learn to be a servant.

If you would like to join me in this challenge, leave a comment.  I would love the support!

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2 Responses to Challenge to Service, Week 1

  1. Miz_hatbox says:

    What a great idea. Last night at services, during the moment of silent prayer, I was reflecting on how I’m not really praying for anything I don’t already have, but rather to do right by all the responsibilities with which I am blessed.

    So I’ll join you too. Sounds like a terrific journey to undertake this year.

    • bookgetaway says:

      I’m excited to have you join me in my attempt to learn how to give patient service! How would you like to coordinate our efforts? Would you like to give a weekly run-down on your blog? Would you prefer to do it through commenting? Or shall I set up some kind of linky widget for us? Whatever you find comfortable is good by me. How nice to have your response…and I also like the fact that we can each pursue this through our different faiths–that gives a kind of unity. Do let me know!

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