One Thousand Gifts, #2

I see on the weather map that we are in the midst of a high-pressure area, likely to continue for another day.  We’ve been having gorgeous sunlight for a few days now, and the light floods into the living room of our condo until it’s almost too hot!  I hate to pull the drapes to keep it out, so Ricardo and I end up at the dining table doing his crosswords and my reading.  It will be very frosty again tonight, so let’s enjoy the warmth while the day lasts.

9.  the fragrance of bread fresh from the oven

10.  each new day a chance to start fresh

11.  a husband who still takes care of all the finances, despite his disability

12.  another winter sunset spread across the sky

13.  at breakfast, the sea of peaks, all fresh with snow, from our window

14.  a holy pastor who is a friend as well

15.  the inestimable joy of Sunday Mass and Holy Communion

16.  the beauty of praying the Psalms

God, you are with me in every moment.  Help me to become more and more aware of the gifts you so generously give me.

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