A Challenge to Service in 2011

I’m not one of the people who put thought into choosing just the right word for themselves for the new year; I’m not that structured, more sort of loosey-goosey, thinking (perhaps pretending) that I like to be open to whatever might stroll by.  Resolutions, likewise, leave me cold.  Too boring!  Too easy to drop.

I am, however, ready to challenge myself, and I also put the challenge out to any reader who might be interested.  The challenge is to find ways to serve, and to do it with patience.  This does not mean that I intend to find an organization with which to volunteer.  The way I am needed at home right now means I cannot do that sort of service.  But I suspect that there are many things I can do for the people with whom I come in contact in the course of my ordinary days.  The struggle, I think, will be to develop a mindset to look for opportunities to serve others, not to be concentrating on myself.  For all of us, there will be plenty of chances at home to give service, for starters!  I believe that once we have the intention, opportunities will turn up in ways and places that we’d never have imagined.

Saying of Mother Terea

This saying of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta can inspire us on our way.

To encourage myself to keep at it, I will do a weekly check-in to see what service I have given.  If anyone else would like to accept this challenge, please leave a comment and I’ll find a way for us to link up and report in.  We can be a support for each other and get the new year off to a fruitful start.

Who is up for the challenge?

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2 Responses to A Challenge to Service in 2011

  1. The quotation of Theresa of Calcutta has been a favorite of mine for the past fwe years since I first read it. Brother Lawrence said something similiar:

    Lord of all pots and pans and things…
    Make me a saint by getting meals
    And washing up the plates!

    Thanks for the note on my blog. It’s always good to meet new bloggers in different stages of life being led by the same God. Peace to you!

    • bookgetaway says:

      So that little verse is from Brother Lawrence? My mother had it on a tile over the sink, so of course I looked at it whenever I did the dishes. It is part of my memories of home.

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