Grandma and Grandpa Santamouse Have Arrived!

When we sold our house and moved to this condo last spring, our son-in-law Sean was hugely helpful in hauling away junk and toting recyclables.  We downsized considerably, getting rid of hundreds of books and throwing out most of our photos, but on the last day, when it came right down to it I couldn’t throw out any of our collection of Christmas ornaments.  I was in tears, because I was sure that the tiny space we had for storage at our condo wouldn’t hold all the boxes, but Sean kindly offered to take the boxes of ornaments to his rented storage unit until we would have time to go through them.

And there they stayed until yesterday.  I was just beginning to think about decorations and what would fit on the small artificial tree I bought when Sarah phoned to say she and Sean were coming over with the boxes.  Hooray!

And the first thing I had to go digging for were these two sweeties:  probably about 40 years old, and an annual feature on the lowest branches of the Christmas tree.   They are made of felt around a cardboard frame, and I love the little details, such as Grandma’s hair ribbon and lace tucker, and Grandpa’s bag for toys and the fur trim on his sleeves.

Learning to let go, as the title of the blog says?  Clearly, I haven’t even begun.

Grandpa Santamouse with his bag of toysGrandma and Grandpa Santamouse

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1 Response to Grandma and Grandpa Santamouse Have Arrived!

  1. Miz_hatbox says:

    They are adorable!

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