Auntie Leila’s Linky – Kitchen Sink(y)

These titles are getting way too cute for me.  Must. stop. now.  Today’s topic, though, is the kitchen sink, from Leila of Like Mother, Like Daughter, who asked readers to post pictures of their kitchen sinks.  When I read this yesterday, I grabbed my camera and went right in to take a couple of photos, and this is what my kitchen sink looks like:

Nice clean kitchen counter and sink Looking to the left
Looking to the right Nice clean kitchen

Friends, this is really what it looked like!  I did not wipe off or change anything!  My counter on the opposite side, though, has the toaster, bread box, kettle, etc.  But here is the good news for all you moms reading this:  when your children have moved out, when you are 69 like me, you too can have this lovely clean surface in your kitchen.  Leila and I obviously think alike, because I have already implemented several of the systems she recommends.

I don’t put it down on the counter, whatever it is.  It goes on the dining table, which is just to the right and through the doorway.  (Also, there’s a lovely big window there, easily visible to me as I stand at the sink, so I get lots of pretty views and sunshine.  When I took the photos, it was around 4 p.m., and you know it’s already getting dark outside by then, so it may look a little gloomy, but that’s not usual.)
I have a dispenser for dishwashing liquid, just to the left of the sink.  I really find it ugly to have a commercial bottle of the stuff in sight.
My “flow’ of dishes is pretty uncomplicated.  If it’s dirty, it goes on the right side, then into the dishwasher just below.  The cupboard just above is for dishes, glassware goes above the sink.  The left side of the counter is where my husband, who has Parkinson’s Disease, sets up four times a day to make himself a Metamucil drink, which he whizzes with an immersion blender.  He keeps all the things necessary for this in the cupboard just to the left of the sink–his special glass, straws, pills, etc.  And, bless him, because we both like the counter uncluttered, four times a day he puts everything away and out of sight.  The man may be a candidate for sainthood.
Right now, this same area is being used for rolling out Christmas cookies, but when I’m done it will go back to this tidy look again.  Oh, and that small wooden cross down by the base of the faucet?  On it is a metal plaque of the Eucharist, and I propped it there for the photo because I want to hang it behind the sink, as soon as I can find a picture hook that will stick to the tiles without harming them.  Okay, that’s my contribution to the Sink Linky.
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14 Responses to Auntie Leila’s Linky – Kitchen Sink(y)

  1. Leila says:

    Very cute! It’s a good thing you mentioned your state in life or all the other moms would have been pretty mad at you 😉

    You must go a little crazy when you see my kitchen! I’m the opposite of you! But I love yours, with those awesome counters and wonderful faucet. I think the crucifix will be perfect!


    • bookgetaway says:

      Thanks! Just in case you think that maybe the kitchen doesn’t get a lot of use, I make all the bread for us and for our daughter’s family every week as well as regular meal-making. But I find this kitchen (which we had renovated when we moved in earlier this year) very handy and much easier to use than my old one, and that inspires me to keep it tidy. BTW, I love to read your blog, Leila!

  2. Margo says:

    ahhhh, it’s so refreshingly tidy (I am the mother of young children!). And yes, I think your husband is a saint.

  3. bookgetaway says:

    Thank you! I went to your blog just now, Margo, (love the name), and enjoyed your photos, especially your command center and your lovely bamboo plant, which I immediately imagined on my counter top. I must get one now! I’ll put your blog on my reading list. It reminds me of what things were like when our kids were little, especially the photo of the yogurt maker, since we were having to economize very carefully then, and I made yogurt, granola, bread, sprouted things, and even made cat food out of fish heads! Ah, the old days!

  4. Emily says:

    I have to agree with Leila – I’m glad you told us that your kids are grown! I have to work HARD to make my kitchen that spit-shiny…but I have three littles! 🙂 It is kind of fun to see a glimpse of what life could be later, especially if we make an effort to get good systems in place now.

    • bookgetaway says:

      Hi Emily! Thanks for commenting! I just went to your blog, and I love your beautiful white roses. You must be living somewhere very south of where we are! And I notice your bread machine, which you say you use often. Do you bake your bread in the machine? I just use my machine to do the mixing and kneading, and bake in my oven. Do you have any favourite bread recipes?

  5. Tamara says:

    Beautiful! Love the cross 🙂

    Linking up from Like Mother, Like Daughter.

    Have a lovely week, Tamara

  6. Andrea M says:

    Beautiful! That seems like a very functional faucet….hummm….I’m in the market for a new faucet, I’ll have to check those out!
    I agree with Leila that I’m glad you shared your state of life, I forget that someday things might get clean and stay that way for just a little bit! hehe
    Thank you for sharing your pictures!

    • bookgetaway says:

      Hi Andrea! Thanks for commenting! My faucet–yes, it is very functional and I love it. The tab on the side of the nozzle turns the stream to spray, so I can pull the nozzle down and spray all around the sides of the sink. And it swivels from one sink to the other–it’s just great!

      I just checked out your blog, and I love the photos of the cookies–both the ones from the swap and the ones you made. The white bars that taste like eggnog sound heavenly. And how do you get the fine icing design on your own cookies?

  7. Jan says:

    Hello, it’s good to be more tidy when the nest is finally empty although I’m now a Grandmother to a toddler and when they visit the lower cupboards get emptied in the blink of an eye!
    I’m in my 60’s too. Your kitchen looks lovely – would love to see pictures of more of your house.
    Jan (Scotland, UK)

    • bookgetaway says:

      Hi Jan! Thanks for reading and commenting! Lucky you, having grandchildren who can come visit. Mine are very far away in eastern Canada. Yes, I love my kitchen. We’re in a little condo now. Perhaps as I get ready for Christmas, I can take some photos of the rest of the place for you. Have a good week!

  8. b says:

    What a beautifully tidy kitchen! Makes me feel refreshed just to look at it. To hang your crucifix, have you tried the 3M Command hangers? They stick up, hold things really well, and come off with no damage at all. You can find them at most hardware stores or even drugstores now. Merry Christmas!

    • bookgetaway says:

      Hi, and thanks for reading! I really appreciate your recommendation. I’ll check for that product next time I’m out, it sounds like it would be perfect for my purpose. 3M Command hangers–I’ll give those a try! And Merry Christmas to you too!

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